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A thriller based on a true story.

Maria “Masha” Nikolayevna Ivanova is a former special forces soldier and specialized chistilshitsa —a skilled, paid assassin who answers to the darkest and most illegal sector of the Russian Federal Security Service. Despite her innocent appearance, she is a ruthless, cold-blooded killer, with a psychopathic profile, lacking compassion of any kind. Now she faces a new assignment: to eliminate Txema Beristain, a Spanish writer and scriptwriter who is a frequent contributor at National Geographic and is preparing a book on great train journeys throughout Europe. Masha, after an assignment in France, heads to the Spanish Costa del Sol to intercept Beristain aboard the luxurious train El Andalus. Txema, however, hides an enigmatic past that began years ago when he traveled to Siberia, where after an intense love affair, he discovered a state secret that could now go public under the ice-cold tundra —and this is not convenient.

A novel by Jesús María Sáez

Translation from Spanish to English:  Yesenia Santibáñez and Annuska Angulo @afamilytranslation, 2020 


Music from the page under license - Title: "Russian Orthodoschaut with ethnic drumming" Author: Mark Stosberg

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